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Great Supplement

Vitamin D is important for bone health, if you live up north you are more likely to have a vitamin d deficiency because of the lack of sun exposure. I recommend anyone loving up north to take vitamin d but as always, check with your primary care provider before taking any supplements.

Book lover
Great for Vitamin D deficiency

I take a 5000 IU Vitamin D capsule every day to supplement my Vitamin D deficiency. I take the large amount every day because my Vitamin D level is very low and I also take a 50,000IU Vitamin D tablet once a week. I like the soft gel capsules because they are easy to swallow. Since taking the Vitamin D soft gel capsule my Vitamin D level has risen to almost normal level.

High dose vitamin d3 with olive oil, good price

About 5 years ago my husband actually had a Vitamin D deficiency and had to take prescription strength prescribed by his doctor until his levels returned to normal. We always make sure he takes a Vitamin D supplement now and this looks like a good product. It contains 125mcg (5,000IU) Vitamin D3 with olive oil. The bottle has 360 soft-gel capsules, a year's supply. Current price of $17 is a great deal.

Keep your oil topped off

This vitamin D supplement with olive oil absorbs quickly via digestion and provides a high dose of the vitamin to ensure you get a good amount for all your body's needs.
As someone with vitamin D deficiency (diagnosed by a simple blood test) I can quickly tell when my levels drop too low, as my body needs more of it than usual; more than even a typical diet can provide. That's where a supplement like this comes in handy. One dose gives someone like me all I need for 24 hours to help reduce inflammation, improve memory, strengthen my bones, and improve blood-flow.
At the current price of around $18 for 360 pills, you're good for almost a year at a cost of a nickel per pill. And I can attest that supplementing your diet with vitamin D can lead to a huge improvement in your quality of life in a matter of days. So make this product part of your regimen & see if the effects benefit you, too.

Crossing my fingers

Being a recent widower I have became very sheltered.
Everything I used to enjoy, I don't do This means being outside. I do not eat right.
So this won't be a shocker when I say I'm so dam tired and moody all the time.
I recieved these today. I'm going to come back in 10 days and say how I feel.
I love the olive oil and that these basically slide right down. Talk to u in 10 days

Clean and Effective

This product Is exactly as advertised. There's no flavor and no signs of any extra ingredients.

I'm sure you all already know the benefits of Vitamin D. It could be just the extra glass of water I'm drinking, but I do feel better with this.

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