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About Us

TGS Nutrition is a small friend and family owned business based in Las Vegas, NV. We're active individuals with a passion for the outdoors, fitness and nutrition.

How TGS Nutrition was Started

In 2013, our active lifestyles led us on a search for a high quality whey protein powder. We're health conscious people. We searched for a premium quality whey protein powder without artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, soy or hormones.

We were surprised by how hard it was to find a product that met our standards. In our research, we learned about the supplement industry. The more we learned about the industry the more important finding a trustworthy brand became.

After a long and extensive search we were disappointed by our options. Disappointment quickly turned into inspiration. We realized the only way to know for sure what's in our protein powder was to start our own company. - The idea for TGS Nutrition was born. 

What started as research turned into a business. We soon discovered that many other people like us were looking for the same thing.

TGS Nutrition Mission - What Make Us Different From Other Brands

What started as research turned into a business. We soon discovered that many other people like us were looking for the same thing.

As TGS Nutrition grew over the years we were pleasantly surprised to receive tons of emails from happy customers telling us stories of how our products have helped them improve their health. We didn't expect that kind of feedback. It helped us realize that our company can be much more than just a business. It can actually help people improve their lives.

The health of the US as a whole has been in decline for decades. Something like 40% of the US is obese and 70% of people in the US are overweight. These are very concerning numbers.

The good thing is based on our experience over the years, we believe the pendulum is starting to swing the other way. Many people are prioritizing and taking their health seriously.

We want to be a positive force for change. We're not interested in just selling supplements. We're not driven by money, we're driven by purpose. We want to help people improve their health because we know from personal experience that improvements in health lead to a significant improvement in overall quality of life.

Over time we plan on building a knowledge base of information and guides to help people get started on a path to better health. We plan on building a product line of clean supplements we use ourselves to stay fit and mentally sharp. We're in the early stages of this mission:

Our Mission

To help people look and feel their best by providing the information & supplements they need without the stuff they don't.

No unnecessary additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. Just simple, clean supplements made in the USA.

Have a health story to share? A question? A suggestion?

We'd love to hear about your health journey or any suggestion you may have. Reach out in the form below.

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