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Based on 1710 reviews
Excellent Product and Customer Service

Ordered several times from TGS and one bag showed up damaged from the shipper. They took care of it quickly and professionally.

100% Whey Protein Powder - Unflavored & Unsweetened

Almost expired when I received it

I bought a 5 lb bag of whey protein and the bag they sent me had an expiration date only 10 days from the date I received it. Tried to contact customer support multiple times, but they did not respond.

Good quality as always, older batch apparently

I ordered the 5lb bag on 5/25/24, delivered on 6/3/24. Expiration on this bag is 6/13/24. Always been happy with the quality of TGS and that is still true, just a little disappointed that I got a batch so close to expiration. Assuming it will still be usable for some time after expiration since those dates are generally flexible?

Great Product

TGS Whey Protein is so easy to use & a trusted source of protein in my diet!


Not clumpy at all when mixed with milk. Love the fact there are no unnecessary added junk to this product.

It seems exactly as advertised.

100% Whey Protein Powder - Unflavored & Unsweetened

Great product

I have been using this product for over 3yrs no taste which is nice. I use it on my oatmeal everyday,i am also a rewards member so they remind you when you are running low and it gets to me quick. I would recommend using this product.

Great Company

I have no complaints about the protein powder and their customer support is responsive.

Good Stuff!

Really like that there is nothing artificial and no additives. Been buying TGS whey since 2022. Made in the USA! No complaints.

Like it so far.

Glad to have found TGS very satisfied with your whey protein thanks for a great product.

It's hard to find protein powder that doesn't have stevia or some gross sugar substitute. Plain unflavored TGS is 👍

Best protein powder.

I have been using this product for years. I got another protein powder today and realized I never took the time to leave a review. What a shame.
Tastiest unflavored protein powder on the market!
I have not found any other brand that can compete with TGS on taste and quality.
Smooth and milky flavor that dissolves perfectly!
No Frankenstein names, just simple ingredients.
And last but not least, customer service is impeccable. So many years and I cannot make one complaint.
Thank you guys for everything!!

Best Protein!

This is the healthiest, most natural protein you can buy. No artificial flavors, no BS, just pure whey protein. I’ve been making protein shakes with this brand for years now and it’s the best.

Clean product

Happy to find a clean source of protein at an affordable price!

Love the product

I selected this product for our family because it is not made with unknown chemicals, GMO’s or bi products. It’s versatile, mixes well in our smoothies, with no side effects. The packaging is great and the delivery is prompt! John ,

Great Product & Customer Service

After independently researching products, this one rated the best and cleanest. I’ve been using it for years and I love the product and the customer service has always been fantastic the one or two times I’ve had an issue.

Whey protein

I love the product because it has no sugar added.

Great, safe product

We researched heavily to find an additive-free, toxin-free protein powder. We love TGS--and it has no flavor, so we can add it to anything. Dissolves well, doesn't change the texture--the best protein powder we've tried.


No nasty fake sugar aftertaste. Perfect addition to my morning smoothies.

Best available

Consistent quality with fast and easy shipping

The BEST fish oil!!

I've purchased this product 4 times and counting. It is exactly the same in quality and content as major brands! My usual brand was discontinued and luckily I found TGS Nutrition. I have a ton of allergies, so I'm pretty particular. The fish oil from TGS is not only high quality, but it's clean. No fillers or junk. It's also an amazing price! I highly recommend.

Great protein powder!

Mixes well either in smoothies or baking. I've made my smoothies with a double scoop of protein before and noticed nothing except a little extra thickness to the smoothie. Doesn't sit heavy in my stomach. No unpleasant textures or tastes.

Best Whey!

I’ve used TGS whey for years, and it’s my favorite protein supplement. It’s unflavored and unsweetened, which I love about it. I drink it straight, add espresso powder to it, or use it in cereal. I trust TGS and I’m grateful to have an excellent, consistent product like their whey protein powder!

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